Zille says Schwarzenegger attack didn’t get media coverage because he’s white.

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Helen Zille says the assault of former American politician and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was in South Africa received hardly any media coverage “because he is white”.

Zille said had he been a “black American celebrity” attacked by a white person, the incident would have caused a “furore worldwide”.

The comment comes on the back of Zille arguing the existence of “black privilege” referring to corrupt politicians who loot the country and still get re-elected. Her comments drew widespread criticism, with thousands of people criticizing the statement.

Contrary to Zille’s claims, however, the incident was globally reported on by local and international media, including CNN, TMZ, CBS, and The Guardian.

I don’t know what is happening to Helen but it is best she gets her to twitter taken from her because at this point she is a danger to herself and ruining a legacy she created for herself that we are realizing was clearly fake.

Someone, please come fetch their grandmother.

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