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On Wednesday evening a young man at the age of 16 called Nathaniel was shot and killed by a police officer. Nathaniel was a special needs child with down syndrome who had been outside around 20;00 after having his last meal of the day, a meal that would, unfortunately, be the last meal of his young life.

According to witnesses, they claim to have heard shots, and when they went to see what was happening the police officer loaded Nathaniel in the back of a marked police fan and sped off.

After the family found that the child had been taken to Eldorado Park hospital, they arrived at the hospital to find that their sin had died.

According to the nurse that made contact with the officer, she says that when the officer dropped off Nathaniel, he did so after making a heartbreaking and criminally fraudulent claim. According to this nurse, the officer lied and claimed that Nathaniel was killed during an act of gang violence. The young man died on arrival.

This has brought about a level of anger amongst South Africans that is reminiscent of global sentiments shared during the death of Goerge Flloyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake. The family is calling for justice and the mother of Nathaniel has said ‘I want them to bury my son because it is because of them that he is no more. He was a special child among my eight children.

We at okmedia call for justice. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied by criminals with badges.

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