Miss SA entrant in hot water over previous racist tweets

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Miss South Africa hopeful, Bianca Schoombee is in hot water over previous tweets that date back from 2014.

The 21-year-old model, who is represented by SYNC Models, entered online for this year’s Miss SA beauty pageant. For a while folks seemed really into her until Twitter investigators started digging into her past tweets.  

Let me turn The Tests of South African Women into TESTIMONIES of Warrior Women ⚔️👩‍👧 #MissSA2020 pic.twitter.com/iUNQyLfzd4— Bianca Schoombee (@BIANCA1015Z) May 16, 2020

In this case, her old tweets have come back to haunt her, and chances are it doesn’t bode well for this Miss SA hopeful. From commenting on people’s dark skin colour, to body shaming as well slut shaming women, Schoombee was never the type to mince her words.

In response to the backlash, Schoombee posted a cryptic Instagram post. But it seems to have stoked the fires even more. Comments ranged from asking Miss SA organisers to disqualify her to saying outright that she wouldn’t get their vote.

Below are some of the previous tweets from Schoombee (please note that some contain strong language).

There’s a famous verse on AKA’s song, ‘Run Jozi’ where K.O raps “next thing you know your career is over, ntwana, over some characters.”


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