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There is this new form of systemic racism that seems to be taking its place in the natural social construct that is the South African landscape. A response to Apartheid that is the opposite of what smart people would consider an adequate response. I like to call it “Membership Racism.” It isn’t as egregious as other forms of racism but its mentality spills over into places that actually have consequence and it’s almost a practice ground for the idiotic process of separation based on skin pigmentation.

Racism to me has always been evidence of a vast and a deep level of narcissistic and mentally pervasive stupidity. Being stupid is not illegal, being stupid isn’t necessarily even dangerous, but racism is this specific brand of stupidity that is both dangerous and (thank goodness) illegal. This level of danger does however give the idiots who take on the mantra of a racist a false sense of power. They see the damage their racism can create as a form of strength just like how most of us think the Hulk is the strongest Avenger because of all the building he can destroy as opposed to the obvious answer, Dr Strange. This “power” or its perceived existence however is what ends up being racisms lifeline, its ventilator. Pushing air into the lungs (and brains) of its sometimes more than willing victims. It is being kept alive in this country and will only be eradicated when its social consequences become more long lasting or the population of Orania becomes too large to sustain.

Now what does all this have to do with membership racism? Well it is how the idea of racism found its swan song. It is hard to fight something when people find legal ways to do horribly stupid things and membership racism is as stupid as a person who voted for the NP party after the Sharpeville massacre who walks around in 2020 post global sanction talking about how much “better the country used to be.”

You see I have walking into many “members only” facilities in my lifetime and 90% of them are all white. Now I am not a person who likes making assumptions but in my short life all the membership clubs that are mainly populated by white people don’t have ANY black people. Strange right? In a country where black people make up 80% of the population. Well look that really shouldn’t be a problem, I mean you could just go and find out how much a membership costs right? Right, but wait, there is no way to pay for membership, you need to be approved and accepted by the members of the club, private space, beach, society. The odds that you actually get a chance to walk through the door is, minimal right? Well this is where you start to see the problem a few of my friends faced on Saturday, January 20th 2020. They went to a space in Durban surrounded by nothing but cool air and more white people then a #BlackMonday #StopFarmerGenocide rally in CapeTown. They tried to enter the space and they were given the exact same legally approved crap that I just mentioned bellow. They had to be members to enter, but entry was only given if accepted be the current member. So in 2020 they stood outside a space they could not enter because they aren’t “members” and their membership is not something they can make readily available. One could say it was a “members only” space and my friends just didn’t fit the special conditions needed to enter.

That is how this works. “It’s not because you’re black, it’s because you are not a member. Oh, why are none of our members black, it’s not clear but it’s also not intentional” Blah blah blah.

I feel like membership spaces in this country are starting to look a lot like the 13th amendment in the US constitution. The monster might no longer dwell amongst us in the day time but it doesn’t mean it’s not lurking under your bed. This is that monster and personally I’m struggling to sleep knowing it exists

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