Kim Kardashian and Legal Team Help Free 17 People From Long Term Drug Offenses

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Covering Kim Kardashian is a very strange thing. You aren’t really sure what you are going to get with ther and her family. You could either get news of spousal deception, beef with other celebrities and since Kim got married to Kanye its opened up a whole new world of possible stories involving the Kardashian brand

Today’s story, however, is that in the last 3 months Kim Kardashian has been quietly working with a non-profit law firm to help commute the life sentences of 17 non-violent first-time drug offenders. Yes really, Kim Kardashian. She helped fund the 90 days of freedom campaign which was launched after president Trump signed The First Step Act, yes that Donald Trump. This act is the sweeping criminal reform bill signed in December and above that, it has now also eased mandatory drug sentencing laws implemented by Bill Clinton.

The 90 days of freedom campaign was actually started by Kardashian’s lawyer Brittany K Barnett who heads the buried alive project. She launched this campaign in partnership with lawyer MiAngel Cody of The Decarceration Collective. They are utilizing the newly signed first step act as grounds to fight for the releases of low-level drug offenders.

Cody recently told CBS News “Kim Kardashian has been instrumental in providing legal fees for vital attorney representation, transportation for newly freed prisoners so they have a ride home to their families and reentry costs related to our clients’ smooth transition back into society

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