Is Gareth Cliff an Idiot?

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I like Gareth, I like people speak who speaks their minds and are honest about how they feel about certain topics. The problem with doing this, however, is that people start to notice certain trends
Gareth Cliff speaks in a way that makes you as the listener believe that the man knows what he is talking about or at the most that he isn’t pulling this from thin air.
It sometimes makes you revere The person you are listening to in a way that they wouldn’t even want you to revere them in. Unfortunately, it is this that makes it more disappointing when you start to notice certain trends.

Gareth Cliff is a white man, it is clear the umbrella in which his opinions are under. Unfortunately being an outspoken white man does lend you to sounding more like Donald Trump then Dr. Jordan Peterson. And without a doubt, Cliff has had some Trump-like moments in his career. Whenever there is an issue of race and their racial tension in the country is high Gareth always finds a way to be on the side of most resistance. When the majority of South Africans feel a certain way about a certain issue especially if it’s involving race, Gareth always finds a way to say “yes but”.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a contrarian for the sake of contrarian but when you constantly seem to be countering the points made by those looking to end the social issues that come with being a black man on a planet torn apart and almost destroyed by colonizers the world over.

Let us look at some of the time Gareth did this.


During a heartbreaking funeral, the Cliff machine decided to use a hashtag created to share your feeling on the death of South African goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwas funeral to do an audit asking “who is paying for this massive funeral enraging all those reading.

Discrimination On The Grounds of Broken English

He was blasted on Instagram about 2 years ago for calling an ANC politician unintelligent for stuttering during an interview. During Senzo Meyiwa’s state funeral while everyone was mourning the death of one of the countries best footballers he asked “Who is paying for this massive funeral”.

Comparing Shaka Zulu to Cecil Rhodes

During the FeesMustFall protests when people were looking to drop statues of a genocidal, rapist and all-around scum of the earth, Celil Rhodes, Gareth Cliff expressed his Wikipedia knowledge by saying Rhodes was bad but so was Shaka Zulu “who actually killed (sometimes by his own hand) so many Africans that he created a new map of eastern South Africa … bringing the disparate Zulu clans under his iron rule.” KwaZulu-Natal historian Jabulani Sithole said comparing the two was a mischievous attempt to divert attention from the fact that colonialism diminished the dignity of Africans in Southern Africa.

“Colonialism was an act of theft, so Rhodes was a thief. The UCT students have started a very important debate which is long overdue, as the issue of removing colonial statues should have been tackled soon after South Africa achieved its democracy,”

“Professor Julian Cobbing of Rhodes University generated a debate which showed that Shaka was not a violent person and that white people used the propaganda to divert from the fact that white people were responsible for colonialism and slavery.”

The Devils Advocate. Penny Sparrow Defense

In 2016 he also seemed to make a blunder by making a freedom of speech argument during a moment where the country was still coming to terms with what Penny Sparrow said. It wasn’t his statement but his time that seemed completely tone deaf and put more attention on the allocation of complicit racism

And now finally today where he picked up his carefully hidden Trump hat, dusted it off and said of the removal of the movie -Gone With The Wind- “Eventually they will take away everything” Now not only is this extremely hyperbolic because HBOMax is not a public library, it is not even the only streaming service. It is also the exact sentiment Donald Trump made when statues of Confederate racist soldiers like Robert E Lee were taken down. Trump said “You can’t change history, but you can learn from it. Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson – who’s next, Washington? Jefferson? So foolish!” The Donald isn’t someone you want to be agreeing with on any issue but especially on an issue of race but Gareth once again found himself on the wrong side of the conversation.

I am not sure if this man realizes this about himself, I Am not even sure he is a racist. He could just be a man who is always looking to argue with someone about anything and he only shows up on my radar when who he is disagreeing with speaks to my position socially as it speaks to race. I do not know any of these things so I will not speculate. I will look at what he has done and what he continues to do and my conclusion is. I don’t know if the man is a racist but I’m sure he is an idiot.


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