How Jay Z’s Billion Was Made-Breakdown

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At this point in time, I am sure you have heard that Jay Z has become Hip Hop’s first billionaire. We all kind of look at Jay Z and all the things he has accomplished an assume we know exactly how he got to his billion, I mean as a rapper he has mentioned how he makes his money in multiple tracks and 4:44 was basically seminar on how to become successful in a world were being black is seen as an illness of some kind.

Nearly 23 years after the release of his debut album Reasonable Doubt, Jay Z has reached a level only very few ever will. On the track “You Don’t Know” Jay states that he came into the game $100 000 strong, turning that initial investment into $1 000 000 000 seems almost otherworldly in the time that he did it in.

Music Catalog: $75 000 000
Only 3 years after that song and the release of the Blue Print Album, Jay Z was able to create a deal with Def Jam and EMI to secure his entire catalog. That Mindset paid off because now his entire catalog is worth $75 million

Ace Of Spades $310 000 000 In 2003 Jay Z releases The Black Album, states his is done with music and takes an executive role at Def Jam, as we all know, however, Jay returned with the Album Kingdom Come. The album might not have been one of his best, but it had singles like Show Me What You Got which introduced us to Ace of Spades. In 2006 an executive from Cristal made a prejudice statement about not being able to forbid rappers from buying their product. Jay Z used this as an opportunity to get into marketing his own campaign proclaiming his distance for Cristal and he would even mention them on songs like On To The Next One. That steak in Ace of Spades is now worth $310 000 000. in 2014 it was only worth $50 000 000.

Roc Nation $75 000 000
After leaving Def Jam Hov created Roc Nation which houses talents like J.Cole and Rihanna and Wale. That success helped him transition into building Roc Nation Sports which happens to represent Kevin Durant. That also adds another $75 000 000.

D’usse’ $100 000 000
In 2011 Jay Z was out looking for a new business venture and 12 months later he would go into a partnership with D’usse Luxury Cognac in New York City. Hov became the partial owner of the Cognac partnered up with Bacardi, this partnership would bring him the worth of $100 000 000.

Uber $70 000 000
Last month news circulated that Beyonce owned shares in Uber. in 2015 Beyonce would be paid $6 000 000 in restricted stocks for a performance at a private company function. Uber went public on May 10th this year, pushing that stock to what is now $9 000 000. Jay Z, however, invested $2 000 000 in 2013 in Uber, the deal actually worked out so well that Jay immediately wired an additional $5 000 000 to Uber to increase his holdings, this attempt was however turned down. That initial $2 000 000 he invested now worth $70 000 000

Tidal $100 000 000
Jay would go back to music by buying a streaming service for $60 000 000 called Tidal, it houses the music of thousands of artist and has revolutionized how artists make money online and through streaming.

Art $70 000 000
He mentioned this just a little in 4:44 running down the way in which something as simple as art can make up such a large portion of this wealth. Jay-Z’s Art collection is worth $70 000 000 respectively according to Forbs

This isn’t even to mention his Property, Cash, and Investments Jay-Z’s wealth break down is as follows.

$50 000 000
Art Collection
$70 000 000
Music Catelogue
$75 000 000
Roc Nation
$75 000 000
$100 000 000
$100 000 000
Cash and Investments
$220 000 000
Ace of Spades
$310 000 000

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