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Meet Harrison Baron otherwise known by his moniker Harristheniner. Harris is a young, talented and multi-faceted musician from Eswatini. Hailing from the prominent city of Manzini, Harris has been able to manipulate his voice over the years to the point where his vocals are now unmatched by any up and comers in the Nation.

Operating in the hip-hop sphere, Harris has done it all. Known for trapping, rapping and singing he is still yet to release a solo project which fans have been assured is on the way after an announcement that he will be releasing “Mood Expressions.” Currently on his promo run for the project, theniner has dropped a few singles in the past and has made some notable guest appearances. In early 2018 he released the single “Drink Split” produced by Nine09, prior to that he recorded his single “Ride” at Semitone Records and shot visuals for the song which we are still to see. Harris has also made a few appearances on a couple of Swiss tracks namely “Fuego” and “Dot dot” which also featured a guest appearance by long-time collaborator, Man-Arty, he is also set to appear on a BANDZ song titled “The City” which we are eager to hear.

Although no single has been released for the project nor have more details, either than the artwork and title, have been shared, Harris fans and collaborators are ready to receive Mood Expressions. It will be the first complete body of work given to us by the Ngwane Park resident who has been a hot commodity within the Eswatini music industry, highly sought after by industry professionals and potential collaborators. 

From us at OKMEDIA all we can say is be on the lookout for this talented young man, and we’re ready for the project!


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