Game Of Thrones Ep3 Review: Spoiler warning

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If you haven’t yet watched the 3rd episode of Game of Thrones, you should probably see that first. It was one of the most highly anticipated episodes to a series since ep9 season 5 of Breaking Bad. If you don’t know what took place in this episode, then the best way to describe it is, winter came. There was an all-out war between the army of the dead and the living and it really looked like a normal day at the office until it suddenly wasn’t. Most people watching this episode also tuned in to the previous one. The second gave you the sense that this would be the last time you would get to see a lot of these characters together. A sort of similar moment to the one in the movie Troy when Achilles stands outside the gates of Troy calling for HECTOR! The show was preparing you for what you have almost become accustomed to when watching it “the worst”. However, I believe that’s what makes the actual events of episode 3 so compelling, interesting and exactly what we needed as fans.

See Game of Thrones had made the mistake of no longer having the ability to surprise its viewer. For years we watched out favourite characters killed and it honestly, Winterfell just seemed like a good place to watch Starks die. Nothing about that it ever spelt anything but pain for the family. There has never been any indication that as an overall group, success was something they would enjoy. This is what makes the death of the Night King coming at the hands of Arya Stark the best possible outcome.

This show finally won back the suspense and surprise factor they lost throughout its 8 seasons. We went from spending Ep 9 of season 1 shouting “There is no way they are actually going to kill Ned” to just moments before Arya delivers the final blow thinking “That’s it Arya is dead”. A part of me felt cheated, cheated having some characters that have honestly started looking like the untouchables, survive an all-out assault from the dead. A part of me looks on and thinks that the show has reached a point where it has become like all the others. It’s now too scared to kill off its main characters but of course that’s how I feel. That’s the point of this series. The part of me that is upset because I am once again left with more answers than questions when I was sure I had figured out a show notorious for being hard to figure out.

The truth is. The way I felt when the episode ended is exactly how I felt when it was Ned Stark and not the Night King clashing their flesh to steal. I was upset, confused, wrong, and interested to see what the Game of Thrones has in store for me in the future. I give this episode 9/19

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