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I wanted to start this piece off with a famous fashion quote but I couldn’t, I failed! Instead, I’ll just jump right into answering this question: what exactly is ‘street wear’? A direct google search came up with the definition that it is “casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures”.

From that definition, the only respectable thing to do is for me to shed light on a rapidly growing street wear brand known as FBS Apparel. Originating in Durban City, the brand was founded by 24 year old Siyabonga Caluza and his partners.

FBS is a simple, quaint, and rather elegant streetwear brand which is making noise in the KwaZulu Natal Province. Whilst driving job creation, youth and skills development, the organisation has recently been funded by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) as a means to continue on the path already chosen. FBS has managed to build a reputation for themselves in and around Durban City, having also been selected by the Department of Justice and Community Based Liaison to manufacture uniforms for their Pietermaritzburg branch. As one of the newer entrants into a fairly saturated industry – to put it lightly- FBS has shown some resilience and forward thinking by veering away from their main product to ensure brand recognition throughout the community. This is an aspect of their business which led to their being recognised in Isolezwe Newspaper as an upcoming business to look out for.

Every fashionista has to build a list of prominent individuals who will don their label, and FBS is not far behind, having had their brand shown off by well know South African celebrities such as Kwesta, Kelly Khumalo, Chad Da Don, Junior De Rocka and many more.

Thus by sticking to their French motto ‘Defier les chances’, FBS Apparel is clearly defying the odds.

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Web:           www.fbsapparel.co.za

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