Covid-19 And it’s impact on the ground.

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These are the realities of five families of a small village outside of Mount Frere, Cabane.

Cabane hasn’t had clean running water for the past 10 years, with such gross lack of service delivery, these statistics are only matched by an unemployment rate which, at the worst time in our people’s history, is at an all-time high and accompanied by an alarming rate of teen pregnancy, all these facts, contribute to the low standard of living and the crushing and ever-spiraling poverty that plagues this community.

The added pressure and stress of the covid19 pandemic has made a life for these already stressed and drained families a bit more unbearable and frustrating, with their source of income solely being social grants and at times, the occasional odd job here and there, trolley pushing, etc., it has become increasingly difficult for these families already grounded by crushing poverty, to be able to afford the basic needs for everyday use. This has led to the humbling and almost embarrassing task of men having to beg and borrow from families and neighbors for food to feed their families.
With this article, I am not only hoping to raise awareness of the predicament that these five families of a hundred others are facing. I am also requesting for assistance in any way or the other.

It would be a betrayal of our very own being not to use every chance we get to lift and help the next person as often as I can. The onus is in all of us. I urge each one of you from the bottom of my heart to help me help abakhaya bam.

Please, if you believe there is something that you can do, or if you want to do the bare minimum. Share this story. This could get into the hands of people with the means to create the change we are looking for. Comment and let us know. It starts with us.

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