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We caught up with Carrency, a contemporary music sensation on the cusp of releasing his debut album. Born Castro Motsa, Carrency’s musical journey has finally brought him to this point. “I have been making music since I was 11, but never had the courage and resources to pursue it which is why it has taken me a while to release my debut album.” His experiences have brought him to the point where his music is an embodiment of what he is quoted describing as “love and rejection.” This is a theme carried out through the single Camp Chair, which is a tell-tale of how the love of his life has left, taken everything he owns besides a camp chair.  Check it out in the link below.

As an artist with a fairly different sound, Carrency admits that it has not been easy to gain acceptance in the Swazi industry. He chalks that up to people fearing change, saying that “I changed the whole hip-hop concept into real life Swati storytelling that will be relevant to the masses. I made the music sound interesting through the type of beats and the lyrics, only now people are beginning to listen.”  It is interesting to find out what an artist expects us (the masses) to gain from an album, it was no different for the Umsindvo offering being given to us. “I want people to appreciate the song writing as I believe I am one of the best songwriters in the Kingdom.”  The fact that Carrency’s music is delivered in his native siSwati tongue has enabled him to not only catch ears in the Kingdom but also expand his reach across the border, which is an aspect representative of his name, which he reveals to mean “I am universal.” Seemingly the goal is to continue to grow from here and “to sell my music to the bigger market, shoot more videos, hosting shows as well as touring.”

The previously mentioned camp chair single is set to make an appearance on Channel O and prior to reaching this point, Carrency had released the “Man of the Match” EP on Culo, which he believes will enable listers “to understand the versatility of his artistic ability.” Check it out on the link below:

As a representative of Eswatini, it was only natural that he cite artists, which he feels are the same, as some to keep a look out for in the future. Popzin and Mbuli National are the artists which Carrency feels are on their way up and states that such artists should “make sure they invest in their music, particularly quality, to ensure their offerings are recognised at an international level.”  

Carrency will be hosting an album launch event on the 30th of march at The George Hotel in Manzini. The spectacle is set to be a celebration for the Umsindvo offering. The event will be graced by some of Eswatini’s finest such as Emisofly, Diba Diba, Kangaroo, Fantacy, Zulu D Dj, Mbuli National and 1D. The album is set to be released on the 31st of March, be sure to look out for it.



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