Ariana Grande Sued For Posting A Picture.. Of Herself

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America is a really strange place. Pop star Ariana Grande is in the news today for potentially committing the unethical act of posting a picture taken of her without her consent by a photographer. I am being sarcastic by the way.

These photos were taken by Robert Barbera who snapped a picture of Ariana Grande exited a building, carrying a bag with her new album name on it. Now because Ariana did not have Roberts consent or permission to post the photos that he took, he feels that he deserves compensation for their use. In the lawsuit, it is stated that Ariana infringed Robert copyright by reproducing and publically displaying the photographs on her Instagram page.

Robert is seeking the profits earned from the photos or up to $2,500 – $25,000 (R35,610 – R356 100). The image was deleted but not before it got 3.3million likes.

Ariana has yet to respond and it is interesting to see what that response will be. This is also by no means the only time this has happened. Similar lawsuits were brought to celebrities like Gigi Hadid in January, last year it was Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Khloe Kardashian, and even 50 Cent was sued for sharing a picture from his own concert.

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